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Enough studies have showed the danger caused by high intra renal pressure during the lithotripsy. (30 mmHg is considered as the safety thresthold of intrarenal pressure. Oyelo-sinus,-tubular and venous backflow occurs when the Intrarenal pressure is above that. )

What if you could actively and easily control the IRP without compromising visual field, could evacuate stone fragments simply with suction and shorten the operation time?

A 45° oblique branch to the main sheath that can be connected to a suction apparatus
A pressure vent on the oblique to allow adjustment of suction pressure
The inflow of irrigation is through the endoscope.
The outflow of irrigation is between the scope and the sheath.
A vortex is created at the distal end of the sheath.
The irrigation fluid, the stone fragments, dust, and blood, etc. in the vortex can be aspirated out.
The aspiration pressure can be adjusted by the pressure vent on the oblique side branch of the sheath.
Family Overview
ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath
ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath
ClearPetra Cystoscope Sheath
ClearPetra Plus Ureteral Access Sheath
ClearPetra Plus Nephrostomy Sheath
ClearPetra Flexi Cystoscope Sheath
ClearPetra Steerable Access Sheath
ClearPetra MicroPerc Nephrostomy Sheath
ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for RIRS
“Suction shapes the future of flexible ureteroscopy” – by various Urologists
Maintaining Low lntra-luminal Pressure and Temperature
A vortex is created by the continuous irrigation and aspiration. The irrigated fluid can be effectively evacuated, thus always maintaining low intra-renal pressure and temperature, ensuring less complications and thermal damage.
High Stone Clearance Rate
The deflectable tip can be safely placed in the pyelo-calyceal system for better aspiration of the stone fragments even in the lower pole.
High Surgical Efficacy
Stone dust can be aspirated out during laser lithotripsy.
Reduced retropulsion
Stone fragments will aggregate at the distal end of the ClearPetra sheath instead of scattering.
Improving visual field
Under the continuous irrigation and suction, bleeding and dust storm from stone pulverization no longer obscure the visual field.
Treating Larger Stones
With the high efficacy, better vision, urologists cantreat larger stones.
Less Accessory Device Required
Stone basket, forceps, and anti-retropulsion device are no longer necessary as the stone fragments are aspirated out spontaneously.

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for RIRS(图1)

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for RIRS(图2)

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy
The only effective method for treating Steinstrasse
High Stone Free Rate
The only effective method for Steinstrasse

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy(图1)

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for Semi-rigid Ureteroscopy(图2)

ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath
“There is some evidence of using suction during PNL to reduce intra-renal pressure and increase stone free rate.”
-EAU Guidelines 2022
Total solution for PCNL and allows further miniaturization

Standard PCNL: > 24Fr

Mini PCNL (MIP): 16 – 22Fr

Supermini PCNL (SMP): 12 – 14Fr

Micromini (ClearPetra Micro): < 10Fr



The ClearPetra Mini PCNL and MicroMini PCNL are as efficient as the Standard PCNL for treating bigger stones and maintaining intra-renal pressure, meanwhile they are safer with less bleeding and smaller wound area reduced by 62.3% with 16Fr Mini PCNL and 85.3% with 10Fr MicroMini PCNL.

Improves stone clearance
Reduces intrarenal pressure and temperature
Reduces stone scattering and antegrade migration
Increases efficacy and faster stone removal
Improve visualization
Reduce the need of stone basket or forceps
Cost saving for PCNL and hospitalization

ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath for RIRS(图1)

ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath(图2)

ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath(图3)

ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath(图4)

ClearPetra Nephrostomy Sheath(图5)

ClearPetra Cystoscope Sheath
Making cystolitholapaxy less painful for the patients
Improves surgical efficacy by aspirating stone fragments/tissue debris
Reduces bladder distention by efficient outflow
Improves patient comfort

ClearPetra Cystoscope Sheath(图1)

ClearPetra Cystoscope Sheath(图2)

Stone Collection Bottle
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Reference Hospitals
  • USA. Cleveland Clinic
  • USA. Mount Sinai Healthcare System
  • UK. UCLH
  • France. Henri-Mondor University Hospital
  • Italy. UNIMI
  • Spain. Fundacio Puigvert
  • Sweden. Örebro University Hospital
  • Japan. 行徳総合病院
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